Transportation Strategies for the Chronically Ill and Disabled
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Transportation Strategies for the Chronically Ill and Disabled

Hi, my name is Jill. After my father was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, we decided that we didn't want him to spend his last few remaining years sitting around. Instead, we decided to start travelling. We travelled using many different types of transportation, and throughout our sometimes challenging adventures, I learned how to deal with transportation and Parkinson's. To help others who are in the same boat (transportation pun intended), I decided to create a blog devoted to transportation and chronic illnesses or disabilities. In these posts, I plan to look at everything from choosing transportation to travelling safely. Please, explore my blog and enjoy your travels!

Transportation Strategies for the Chronically Ill and Disabled

Two tips to follow when renting your first motorhome

Jesus Collins

If you're renting a motorhome for the first time, here are two tips to follow.

Give lots of thought to the size of motorhome that will be right for you

Businesses that rent out motorhomes usually have a large selection of these vehicles, many of which differ in size. You'll need to carefully think about what size motorhome you should rent for your trip. First and foremost, you should consider your personal driving preferences and how comfortable you would be driving a very large motorhome. If you suspect that handling such a large vehicle might be nerve-wracking for you or if you're simply accustomed to driving a small car and would find parking, reversing or turning a huge motorhome quite challenging, then it might be best to book a more compact motorhome.

In contrast, if you feel totally at ease driving large vehicles and you're going to be staying in the motorhome with your spouse and children, in a location where it might rain (i.e. in a place where you might have to spend full days inside the motorhome with several other people whilst it's raining), then you should consider opting for a very spacious motorhome. In this situation, you might even want to rent one that can hold a few more people than you will be travelling with.

For example, if you technically only need a six-berth motorhome to accommodate you, your spouse and your four children, you might want to get an eight-berth motorhome so that if there are days during the trip when you have to stay inside due to bad weather, you'll have some extra space in which to hang out and relax, and the motorhome interior won't feel overcrowded.

Check the facilities in the area you'll be parking before booking the motorhome rental

Before renting the motorhome, you should check what facilities are available in the area in which you intend to park it during your trip. For example, if you're staying in a no-frills campsite with a water and electricity supply and no other amenities, then you should consider renting a motorhome that has, for example, its own cooker and oven, a dishwasher, a fridge, a spacious shower and toilet and perhaps a television.

In contrast, if you'll be parking the vehicle in a luxurious holiday park, where there are many amenities, then you might not need anything more than a very basic motorhome that has beds, a toilet, a dining area and perhaps a microwave and sink, as you can dine at the holiday park's own restaurant and avail of its entertainment and shower facilities.