Transportation Strategies for the Chronically Ill and Disabled

5 Mobility & Transport Ideas to Consider When Designing a Tiny House

Many tiny home builders create their homes off-site because the eventual home of the tiny house is off the grid or far from construction supplies. In other cases, they may build their tiny homes off-site because they are not sure where they ultimately plan to put their tiny homes. If you fall into this category, you have to think about the logistics of moving your tiny home once it’s complete.

There are multiple tips and ideas that you may want to implement as you design your home. Here’s some ideas to keep in mind:

1. Modify an existing mobile structure

Whilst many of the tiny homes showcased on TV shows and websites features charming wood structures, adorable lofts and innovative designs, that certainly isn’t the only approach you can take. The cornerstone of the tiny house movement is sustainability, and you may want to embrace that ideal by utilising something …

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Four Amazing Australian Locations For Charter Flights

Hiring a charter flight can be a fun way for groups to see Australia. From flying over the Great Barrier Reef to cruising over the outback, there’s plenty to see in this beautiful landscape. Australia is varied, vivid and gorgeous all throughout the year. If you’ve been considering hiring a charter flight, this list of locations will help you to make the best of your experience.

The Outback

One of Australia’s most important ecosystems, the Australian Outback is dry, desolate and startlingly beautiful. Flight is an ideal way to see as much of this area as possible, as this Northern Territory is very remote–compared to other areas, very few towns and cities exist throughout it.

The outback is a wash of reds, blues and a few greens here and there when you see it by air. Rivers carve through the earth, looking like veins or tree branches. On a charter …

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